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Work Package NoWork Package TitleLead Participant Short Name
1Maternal epigenetic regulation and assessment of risk to develop obesity at the pre-implantation embryoUVEG
2Early origins of overweight & obesity: Studies in cohorts from conception to the end of the 1st decadeCIBER/ FIHGUV
3Clinical studies of determinants and consequences of obesity during puberty and early adulthoodREGIONH
4Assessment of neurocognitive, mental health, sleep disturbances and lifestyle determinants of obesityCIBER/
5Intervention studies for prevention and early management of obesityUT
6Mechanistic studies and preclinical models for defining early origins and prevention of obesityULIEGE
7Multi-omics, Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence for biomarker identification and obesity preventionAMARIS-FRANCE
8Communication, Dissemination & ExploitationHIPAT
9Project Management & CoordinationCIBER
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